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New York, New York

New York

Let the Big Lights (and this list) Inspire You

I've been to New York a few times in my life and every experience has been different. New York has a culture so unique one trip for a few days is never enough. People from all over the world flock to the city's center to get a taste of the Big Apple!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 


Big Things Happen Here

My college memories are filled with the various trips my friends and I made to Dallas, Texas. Good food, great company, cheaper airline tickets and an escape from fast-approaching due dates kept us coming back for more, despite the 4-hour each-way drive. 

dallas_Image by David Mark from Pixabay .jpg

Dallas, Texas

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

OKC_Image by Josh Cole from Pixabay.jpg

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

More Than Rodeos and Cowboys

Oklahoma City has been the setting of many day trips and quick escapes. Although the city does not boast as the biggest city known to man, it has offered me rest, relaxation, adventure, and good eats when I have needed it the most. 

Image by Josh Cole from Pixabay


On the Come Up

Over the 5+ years, I spent in Tulsa, I have watched the city grow from a sleepy old town to a city that has expanded its food horizons (🙌), learned to embrace its past, drawn new and young talent, and has quickly become a must-visit destination. From the history of Black Wall Street to the taste of New Orleans on Cherry Street, Tulsa has definitely brought a "New Type of Energy". 

Tulsa_Image by Karsten Winegeart from Unsplash.jpg

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Atlanta_Image by Eric Stokley from Pixabay.jpg

Atlanta, Georgia


"Bless Your Heart"

I have yet to visit the ATL but have been told, by multiple sources, that everyone should experience Atlanta while they're young. Whether it is a right of passage or simply a fun getaway, a trip to the Peach state is definitely overdue. 


The City With No Limits

My last name may be Houston, but many are surprised that I am not related to the great and late Whitney Houston, nor have I ever stepped foot in Houston, Texas (unless you count their airport). While visiting Houston is on my Impossible List (here), my lack of travel to the great city has not stopped me from accumulating a list of places to visit when I finally make my appearance. #PreparationIsKey

Houston_Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay.jpg

Houston, Texas

Image by Karsten Winegeart from Unsplash

Image by Eric Stokley from Pixabay

Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay 

Charlotte_Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay .jpg

Charlotte, North Carolina


Football, Friendship, and Lots of Food

Charlotte, home to my favorite football team (go panthers!), my family, and my heart. Over the years, every trip to Charlotte has been filled with love, excellent food, family, and adventure. Not only has the city grown to be the second-largest banking city in the U.S. but it has also become home for me. A visit to the Queen City is a must for everyone!

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