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Paris_Image by Paul Henri Degrande from Pixabay .jpg

Paris, France

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Au revoir l'Amérique

The language, the people, and most importantly... the food. Paris is filled with adventures beyond some of your wildest dreams. Whether you are looking for an Emily in Paris or a Taken type of adventure (hopefully not the latter), Paris will always exceed expectations. 

Image by Paul Henri Degrande from Pixabay 


" I have class and you don't." — The Parent Trap

Home to the Queen of England, a plethora of historic sites, and tea time, London has been on my must-visit list for many years. With over 150 museums, Big Ben, and amazing shopping and nightlife, London is a for sure must-visit for all.

London_Photo by Jon Grogan on Unsplash.jpg

London, England

Photo by Jon Grogan on Unsplash

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